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DMB2000-09-04.st71.shnf (John Stanfield)

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Dave Matthews Band
September 4, 2000
AmSouth Amphitheater
Antioch, TN

Taper: John Stanfield
Source: Earthworks SR-71 > MP-2 > M1
Location: 6th row, right stack, ORTF

DAT > CD > SHN: Scott Brown
Tascam DA-20mkii > Audiowerk2 > PowerMacG3
burn/extract via plextor

01 Intro
02 One Sweet World
03 Satellite
04 Rhyme and Reason
05 JTR
06 Don't Drink the Water *
07 Grace is Gone *

Disc 2
01 Grey Street *
02 Long Black Veil *#
03 Crash Into Me
04 Jimi Thing
05 Granny
06 The Song that Jane Likes

Disc 3
01 #41 *&$ >
02 Drum Jam $
03 Bartender *&$
04 Digging a Ditch *&$
05 All Along the Watchtower *&$

* with Bela Fleck
# with Emmylou Harris
& with Jeff Coffin
$ with Futureman

compiled by Scott Brown on 11-14-00

4c60a8e0a65d09388555706b2cb1c8b3 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t01.shn
cb4d7256271bfe0027d7ba1843f095b0 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t02.shn
9b17e9838a3f3f6bcbc5c4208424ec5b *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t03.shn
3184e5eb6bf6d5e9545c9223df6b2084 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t04.shn
a081e98b8e54bcd6eeae64a0c7f423b1 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t05.shn
9e585a04ab220ec9b3fd05a640d04718 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t06.shn
24d63b69cd94fccd0dcde6f1c1952053 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d1t07.shn
50ecda4eba103fdde19fee4536c05927 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t01.shn
842155b2425fb3c8b3a64b69bd013f92 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t02.shn
cc8de189abc14bc4847d6d96bde38920 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t03.shn
d00ce48bf1a5318f48439ffec8099a63 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t04.shn
6594eeef59f6871440ff43231e69edcb *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t05.shn
33abdf997c99cb4ffbc4825f00e1c98f *dmb2000-09-04sr71d2t06.shn
86a621d6676c5061603cd5809bd6559a *dmb2000-09-04sr71d3t01.shn
4292529130dff88ab53c15e2213e0fc6 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d3t02.shn
9dd66de8b86f7cce4bb4ecc5600d35cd *dmb2000-09-04sr71d3t03.shn
077f8335c678180221351fb41bb0ec6b *dmb2000-09-04sr71d3t04.shn
01c74cc3a5a296857232b94df03111c6 *dmb2000-09-04sr71d3t05.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2000-09-04.st71.shnf (John Stanfield)

    Can I request a seed of this torrent? My wife was at the show and lost her only copy.
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    Re: DMB2000-09-04.st71.shnf (John Stanfield)

    thank you !!
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