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DMB2019-03-22.srg.flac16 (Kristin Bergemann)

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Dave Matthews Band
Mehr! Theater
Hamburg, Germany
March 22, 2019

Taped by: Kristin Bergemann
Equipment and edit by: Sergey Dimitrov
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
Though the concert was in Europe you'll hear only americans yelling at the band and chatting while the band plays.
To all those disrespectful american fans stay home next time, the European fans don't want you in Europe. The respectful are welcome of course!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

00 Intro
01 Warehouse
02 What Would You Say
03 That Girl Is You
04 Seven
05 #41
06 Again and Again
07 Stand Up (For It)
08 Time of the Season
09 Don't Drink the Water
10 Here On Out *
11 Kill the Preacher [partial]
12 Why I Am
13 Lying in the Hands of God
14 So Much to Say
15 Can't Stop
16 Gravedigger
17 Grey Street
18 You & Me
19 All Along the Watchtower
20 Some Devil *
21 Ants Marching

indicates segue
* Dave solo

dmb2019-03-22_00 Intro.flac:1ecca036c42c615bda0fce89444b37df
dmb2019-03-22_01 Warehouse.flac:866cd4fddca94fe27a93678938447839
dmb2019-03-22_02 What Would You Say.flac:824877c57156056358357f141f7b93f8
dmb2019-03-22_03 That Girl Is You.flac:7966f8115775036d8f6aab3dd7ec3a5e
dmb2019-03-22_04 Seven.flac:347c09f5c445a0e674c35c7cd1adfc5a
dmb2019-03-22_05 #41.flac:c10c1f41c6295de34c22dc34c5902f64
dmb2019-03-22_06 Again and Again.flac:7afb962e62179f3fc74006bd144647bd
dmb2019-03-22_07 Stand Up (For It).flac:a771a48c64a22a4f3a1151a8289dce27
dmb2019-03-22_08 Time of the Season.flac:db5a822e703ebb71f7936a0893502a2d
dmb2019-03-22_09 Don't Drink the Water.flac:13d7b355404a48a4c7f13a11b3834b2a
dmb2019-03-22_10 Here On Out.flac:e0ad1d2d97187e2c26b705f89a4180c0
dmb2019-03-22_11 Kill the Preacher [partial].flac:78ef1d6493b2fa0097c567733b334631
dmb2019-03-22_12 Why I Am.flac:8bd67614202d0291bd2193fe31bab18c
dmb2019-03-22_13 Lying in the Hands of God.flac:58ca840e549c87049dd19194cbe31613
dmb2019-03-22_14 So Much to Say.flac:e031be24b335b9f851be6a8589e969e5
dmb2019-03-22_15 Can't Stop.flac:0bd0db57fbe738fafa8b5bbdcb6c2c0c
dmb2019-03-22_16 Gravedigger.flac:e3c02e592f149b4404edad5b313051a0
dmb2019-03-22_17 Grey Street.flac:111a13086cf1fec5c17116e15e051054
dmb2019-03-22_18 You & Me.flac:9334150bd16232892443b3de5716c3b1
dmb2019-03-22_19 All Along the Watchtower.flac:b626c0e75ecac12cd722a3adbf7e45ea
dmb2019-03-22_20 Some Devil.flac:89d26be4e2c4726d5b0e6c3fdc873544
dmb2019-03-22_21 Ants Marching.flac:a426d5ace92ee433d90a19c4276c3cf2

e0cfa40310c8b6cced356b7f3505a2ca *dmb2019-03-22_00 Intro.mp3
205c4495f6a20466b50a29dd6ec38038 *dmb2019-03-22_01 Warehouse.mp3
16c43b6c8c24b8d7dc8177d1299a4b52 *dmb2019-03-22_02 What Would You Say.mp3
6fa4abcdc689182199353416082a28f8 *dmb2019-03-22_03 That Girl Is You.mp3
3491c18ae71caf576dd788834997d16e *dmb2019-03-22_04 Seven.mp3
e589c0914a9acd6ea59cf3187b381a23 *dmb2019-03-22_05 #41.mp3
f4e120b632680f9f795790cb17583a1c *dmb2019-03-22_06 Again and Again.mp3
d39bc24cfaca21adfc009bde7c3ed317 *dmb2019-03-22_07 Stand Up (For It).mp3
7fa153c43ed9d57b8f2013ff9f2ff385 *dmb2019-03-22_08 Time of the Season.mp3
76e99e0ddff1a3bf3706dc51dd99334f *dmb2019-03-22_09 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
9cbe055ef6aae047be3a737bf48f89ae *dmb2019-03-22_10 Here On Out.mp3
caab678194dc9d78e391c5a27d1663a1 *dmb2019-03-22_11 Kill the Preacher [partial].mp3
c7dfe81a069976b954e42a23911198d6 *dmb2019-03-22_12 Why I Am.mp3
d89d151e8660a311ba16cf954abb67b0 *dmb2019-03-22_13 Lying in the Hands of God.mp3
0c9ae757a7551d3e1877ffd0aab060fb *dmb2019-03-22_14 So Much to Say.mp3
ebc9bd1ec8adaae068b70306cc376cb3 *dmb2019-03-22_15 Can't Stop.mp3
a99b20a6c82e1c4c2b97021142c99011 *dmb2019-03-22_16 Gravedigger.mp3
ca3ace54f60538a18a485aef2a16143d *dmb2019-03-22_17 Grey Street.mp3
1366dcd53526a0ebeea5c934242f06fa *dmb2019-03-22_18 You & Me.mp3
f1ac05ad6bcb5b2dbcb6cc615cfe8899 *dmb2019-03-22_19 All Along the Watchtower.mp3
da3118269d496fab1acd68e04a089fd7 *dmb2019-03-22_20 Some Devil.mp3
73d784fe4b25c1dbcf3cd4e9f6d2edca *dmb2019-03-22_21 Ants Marching.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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