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DMB1992-09-19.aud.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
September 19, 1992
Phi Kappa Sigma
Blacksburg, VA

Taper: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Source: AUD Analog (Unknown generation)->EAC->CD (Track At Once)-> Wav
Transfer: Wav->Flac->Wav @ 16/44.1 kHz
Conversion: 16/44.1kHz wav->Soundforge Pro 10.0, Normalized to -0.01db-> Trader's Little Helper->Flac(level 8)->Foobar2000 for tagging

************************************************** ****************************************
********************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT**********************************
************************************************** ****************************************

Set I

Disc 1
01. The Maker 06:17
02. Warehouse 08:19
03. Angel from Montgomery 05:44
04. Typical Situation 16:27
05. True Reflections 07:22
06. What Would You Say 05:26
07. Satellite 04:42
08. So Much to Say 06:39
Total Time: 60:58

Notes: Set I only. Set II could not be located.

Conversion notes:
CD source is analog from an unknown generation cassette. Performed frequency and spectral analysis to rule out any mp3 encoding and none was found.

CD source received was in TAO (Track at Once) so there were cuts after each track and required crossfading at the end of each track into the next and done as seamlessly as possible. Using Sound Forge applied crossfade at the end of The Maker seamlessly into Warehouse. Joined the beginning of Angel From Montgomery at the track cut leaving only a slight click in the audio. Crossfade applied during crowd at the end of Angel From Montgomery into crowd prior to Typical seamlessly. Crossfade applied at the end of Typical in the middle of Boyd introducing Leroi leaving a slight click. Crossfade applied during crowd at the end of True Reflections seamlessly into crowd prior to WWYS. Crossfade applied during crowd at the end of WWYS seamlessly into crowd prior to Satellite. Crossfade applied at the end of Satellite into SMTS as Dave is saying thank you leaving only a slight click.

Using Sound Forge pencil tool, removed spike in audio at 8:18 mark of Warehouse. Dropouts at the 7:10 and 11:04 marks of Typical and at the 3:09 mark of WWYS.

Thanks to Bill Kilby for the source tape and to Copperpot for sending me this wav file to convert and share with the dmb community.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on April 28, 2020

c8e5c4fbba45c009c89907e92e99e183 [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t01.flac
7cb63c0cb4f61f9a5eb2162e9d5aa8af [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t02.flac
fa918948a814fcefd44a0f1b5a76137b [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t03.flac
d0302f13e6755c93a44ab33a5b4f206e [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t04.flac
0f88a9584158530e513be790aa2e0b58 [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t05.flac
5a88e62a552e683f4290679374e5072d [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t06.flac
e0f7e167c8e178878941931de3df2713 [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t07.flac
9efbc4ca8afea82a8849e0381972a233 [shntool] dmb1992-09-19t08.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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