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DMB1992-06-09.asbd.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 9, 1992
Charlottesville, VA

Taper: Unknown
Source: ASBD-> Cassette (unknown generation) @ 16/44.1kHz
Transfer: CD> Adobe Audition-> Wav
Processing: 16/44.1kHz Wav>Sound Forge Pro 10
Conversion: 16/44.1kHz wav> CD Wav editor> Flac @ Level 8

************************************************** *****************************
******************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT****************************** ************************************************** *****************************

Set I

Disc 1
01. The Best of What's Around (cut at beginning) # $
02. Dancing Nancies $
03. Lie in Our Graves $
04. I'll Back You Up $
05. Seek Up (Song debut) * % &
06. Intro
07. Spotlight
08. The Song That Jane Likes
09. The Maker
10. One Sweet World
11. All Along the Watchtower %
12. Jimi Thing
13. Minarets
14. Ants Marching %
15. Two Step
16. What Would You Say

Set Break @

Set II ^
17. Typical Situation
19. Dancing Nancies
20. People People
21. Help Myself
22. True Reflections
23. Warehouse
24. Lover Lay Down
25. So Much to Say
26. Tripping Billies
27. Encore Break
28. Recently

# part of first verse cut at beginning, fade in applied
$ Dave solo
& Dave and Leroi
*First time played, Dave says "So, we just wrote this song in the back. Seriously!"
% dropout during track (see conversion notes)
@ fade out applied at end of Set I
^ If Set II was recorded, it is either not circulated or missing

Conversion notes:
Dropout of 0:09 at the 0:26 mark of Seek Up. Sudden drop in levels at 00:55 for 2 seconds then slight static at 1:07 of Spotlight. Dropout at 00:01 into Watchtower for 00:44 due to tape flip, song picks up during second verse. Dropout at 00:01 of Ants Marching for 00:17.

Thanks to Wade Craig for the source. Thanks to Jason Stessel @Copperpot5 for converting to Flac and sending me the source.

Dmbalmanac link to this show:

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on September 22, 2018

140b55e90378d2570b3a53c956adc05b [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t01.flac
ff62cd8a5e244e450debdc706b437ea0 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t02.flac
60bbc400c465e8e42a9bd26ff05b1906 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t03.flac
269e00449dd7608f38934533c2206e82 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t04.flac
d6d42d600e2f6d34a8ec05c36e5d01f8 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t05.flac
8f8927b782511a710ff6b131122fc990 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t06.flac
eb813d008ce950b7f753b50e6b8f9856 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t07.flac
fc2e62140cd4582e2c7f66157514c075 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t08.flac
00601e3beb11152f4af4a749e05e32c7 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t09.flac
dd19629da62c2012e0bd08c5dd6958f8 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t10.flac
0b89403d414dcc8093d61d9fb444e3d9 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t11.flac
95bfbf73fbe9324d277132b2fe230669 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t12.flac
b445bd8e5139507e43a95539b9f45d6a [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t13.flac
6ae17b3de751ddce4429c9b3617de638 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t14.flac
0418e0231ead657831de3437a0c4805f [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t15.flac
c6d535b21e89ffaf7830787f7091dbb8 [shntool] dmb1992-06-09t16.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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