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DMB1992-12-11.asbd.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Lexington, VA

Source: SBD > Anlg (Unknown Gen.) > CD
Conversion: Optimus SCT-86 (Dolby NR) > Pioneer PDR-555RW [Eric Naylor]
SHN: Chris Manichanh [] EAC v0.9pb7 > MKW Audio Compression Tool


track name time (m:s)
d1t01 Pay for What You Get 04:57.94
d1t02 Lie in Our Graves 04:32.58
d1t03 Warehouse 08:54.16
d1t04 Tripping Billies 05:16.16
d1t05 Boyd Tinsley Surprise * 04:01.10
d1t06 The Maker 05:57.92
d1t07 True Reflections # 05:14.84
d1t08 Two Step 13:23.52
d1t09 [Encore] Jam $ > 09:36.50
d1t10 Typical Situation 07:01.53
total 68:56.2

* the band urges Boyd to give the crowd the "Boyd Tinsley Surprise," which is a long violin jam
# this song was cut off by the end of the analog tape
$ this is a long jam medley, featuring part of "Little Drummer Boy"

I did this conversion due to the shear rarity of this show. I have never seen anyone else who
had this, so I put my copy to CD. I used Dolby NR to reduce the hiss, and the sound came out
decent. I'm fairly certain that set 1 is missing, but I have no way of knowing for sure because
there are no records of this show anywhere.

Compiled by Eric Naylor

56e5ab55113738d986c597c6d71348f8 *dmb1992-12-11t06.shn
bbc94074c711398bd367bd91d0fda083 *dmb1992-12-11t02.shn
d19c517de50d17963a1ff836eec099e2 *dmb1992-12-11t03.shn
3b8f3b0f48bc0d726b36062463a9db9e *dmb1992-12-11t04.shn
ec3920b7a7524429e22d7cfde0295b53 *dmb1992-12-11t05.shn
de9b9fdcaf2231cb73d4299642068f48 *dmb1992-12-11t01.shn
f18a78e83df3dc23d0c381d713a473de *dmb1992-12-11t07.shn
58f8876ea9bd2c1c01f7769d88afb831 *dmb1992-12-11t08.shn
26593629238bb60436a8342bfb5ef4c4 *dmb1992-12-11t09.shn
150587063c06921b3df5633db44cfe4b *dmb1992-12-11t10.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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