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DMB1993-12-08.dsbd.flac16 (Mark Lynn)

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Dave Matthews Band
December 8, 1993
The Flood Zone
Richmond, VA

Taper: Mark Lynn
Location: Soundboard
Source: DSBD>Casio DA7>DAT(@16/48 kHz)
Transfer: DAT(@16/48kHz)>Tascam DA-20>M-Audio Microtrack II>USB>PC
Conversion: Tom Gambichler-WAV>Sound Forge 8,Resampled to 16/44kHz>CD Wav Editor for track splitting>Flac>Flac Frontend, compression @ level 5>Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** *********************
**************DO NOT ENCODE THIS SHOW TO LOSSY FORMATS*****************
****************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1
01. The Song That Jane Likes (instrumental intro) 06:44
02. Tripping Billies 05:56
03. One Sweet World (Instrumental intro) 09:20
04. Granny 04:55
05. Dancing Nancies 12:08
06. True Reflections 08:18
07. Say Goodbye 05:32
08. I'll Back You Up 05:53
Total time Disc 1 59:05

Disc 2
09. #36 10:57
10. Minarets 10:57
11. Seek Up 16:06
12. Christmas Song * 05:39

13. Encore Break 02:18


14. Carter and Tim Jam-> 06:08
15. Ants Marching (country jam intro) 08:36
Total time Disc 2 60:58

* Fade out after Dave says goodnight

Entire show with Tim Reynolds on electric guitar

**This was the last regularly scheduled show at The Flood Zone**

Many thanks to Mark Lynn for sending me this DAT to convert and circulate. The existing sbd source's DAT had problems with Seek Up. No errors were present on this DAT, it's perfect. No adjustments were necessary. It's also superior in quality.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on August 7, 2011

76473fbf152db68ba5cd8d22e599f5a7 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t01.flac
25f4f31779b3ce3f71184520aa42fb46 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t02.flac
f7081860946a8026f4f5a66c1bfb2008 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t03.flac
84280c64e97cf7b490439770527bc4ef [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t04.flac
7b1af0633d2a83084615d84f13f5ccc9 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t05.flac
eab4099bae0db97b04f5f29b052d7612 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t06.flac
447cf965c06b5cd449d9d9af2164c156 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t07.flac
c8deee39d1d0a647e096f137844bab95 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t08.flac
0193dd9d61bc0078771649cb93b343dd [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t09.flac
c3d4b363711c2ee0f0625f339278884b [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t10.flac
ec04dc422bcc653b74211762aad967f1 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t11.flac
7aeea9aefe0c9a557db4ffdbe90a0fb2 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t12.flac
8557c50169815ed49ff353a8e3ce059b [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t13.flac
296ba1eebbb2e541f75b522b220b821f [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t14.flac
2968e83a9a5668ccb35785c7d8034104 [shntool] dmb1993-12-08t15.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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