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Re: Vegas N1 review

Thought this was one of the better shows I've seen. Don't be mislead by set list! OOMH was a treat!!!
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    Re: Vegas N1 review

    After this show, I thought it was top 3 of the 40 I've seen...the energy was insane! The only dud was WAYG. But I think the DMB Road page has it HAD to be there to truly understand it. Billies opener, first time in almost 5 years, R&R was awesome, #41 was incredible, Jimi Thing being sung by the crowd and then Dave just throwing his hands up in "I give up...Tim is God" type of fashion when they just ended the song as Tim turned out his guitar...I think Carter even threw his sticks in the air like 'Done!'

    Now I haven't heard the Two Steps from the Spring Tour, but Carter on the drums when he did his solo was jaw-dropping. What he did I didn't think was possible and he just kept going and going. Top it off with Watchtower and Stairway to Heaven in it and I didn't know how night 2 could top it.

    And the funniest thing is, after N2, all of the guys I went with were somewhat disappointed. We all felt N1 owned N2...hands down. It had to be the crowd because I couldn't believe how many people were sitting down for Dreaming Tree (and I was on the floor) and just the overall lack of energy.

    When we talked to people on the plane, they all felt N2 was better and we couldn't believe it. Then we looked at the setlists on paper and said "Wow...N2 was way better on paper." But I have to say, you can't judge the setlist on's the experience. And I feel like N1 was epic and N2 couldn't touch it and didn't, despite the great setlist.

    Hopefully Alpine will top both!
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    Re: Vegas N1 review

    LOL at the dreaming tree. I lost my mind when the played it (only my third time hearing it at 15 shows) and people all around were leaving to bathrooms, sitting and whatnot. I couldnt believe it.

    The best was the dude next to me, at the start of night 2, when they were starting Bartender, and he starts saying "yes! DONT DRINK THE WATER!!!" LOL.
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    Re: Vegas N1 review

    Originally Posted by Bamalama View Post
    I was at both Vegas shows and thought the first one was incredible-- probably the best of the 10 shows I've seen (and that includes last year's SPAC shows)-- and it was all about the band/crowd interaction.

    I'm not sure what makes a good or bad setlist, but all the "new" songs were done with style and welcomed with open arms. I frickin' loved every minute.

    And I'm glad the crew did too!

    I sure hope someone taped...

    9/10 (holding back one for the day the WH bumps me up to the front!)
    Downloaded the tape and relived last night. Jesus what a great show, the energy in the crowd, Dave's mood, Timmy's pyrotechnics... epic. Bumping it up to 10/10.
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    Re: Vegas N1 review

    Disclaimer: only my 3rd dmb show, but 29 grateful dead while Jerry alive, 10 phish including milenium show and it and over 1000 other shows.

    This show was outstanding. The energy from the first note to the last was incredible. The interaction with the crowd very good. The jams were incredible. Anyone that was THERE will tell you #41 and Jimi thing were so good even Dave and the band were impressed with themselves. The new songs, download both nights and listen, every new song better the first night.
    Music doesnt happen on paper or a computer screen and a set list is just words. Listen to this show and you will be impressed. Be there to see and hear it and you were likely blown away or just blow!

    Dragged my girlfriend from Ft. Lauderdale and had to bribe her with a spa day to go to the show with me thats how much she dislikes dmb, by the end of cornbread she was on her feet dancing and now insists she is going to both wpb shows with me.

    Show was a 10
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    Re: Vegas N1 review

    I liked night 1 way more than night 2! I loved the new stuff, I loved that they opened with Trippin Billies. I do have a soft spot for the whole band playing Stay or Leave so that was my favorite part of night 2.
    “A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever” - Dave Matthews
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