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DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

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Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN
July 7, 2018

Taper: Crumbo
Location: Section A, Row O, Seats 18-19
Source: AKG ck63 (DINa-ish, ~16') > NBob Actives > nbox platinum > Sony PCM-M10 (24/96)
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > Wave Editor 1.58 (iZotope Resampler, iZotope MBIT+ Dither) > xACT 2.45

***24/96 Version exists in flac format***

01. Intro 02:33.57
02. That Girl Is You 05:31.36
03. What Would You Say 06:39.27
04. Stay or Leave 04:40.20
05. So Much to Say 05:10.54
06. Grey Street 07:29.13
07. Come Tomorrow 07:43.29
08. So Right 07:44.72
09. Hunger for the Great Light 04:24.15
10. You Might Die Trying 10:11.47
11. Can't Stop 05:04.30
12. Dancing Nancies > 09:56.00
13. Warehouse 11:41.32
14. Here On Out * 04:56.02
15. Lying in the Hands of God > American Baby Intro 14:38.71
16. Rhyme & Reason 07:08.07
17. Shake Me Like a Monkey 04:38.19
18. Granny 04:34.25
19. Two Step 21:01.47
20. Encore Break 06:19.27
21. Come On Come On 06:23.49
22. Ants Marching 10:54.62

Total: 169:25.66


* Dave Solo
-Thanks to Drews for the tix, Jason for the help and Scott and Kathy for the hospitality.

Compiled by Crumbo on 7-8-2018

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.45 on 2018-07-08 18:06:07 +0000

dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t01.flac:f990313a06aa9bc3a0f18711b6eeb a3b
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t02.flac:3df912aad20f985aab5ab19200281 450
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t03.flac:2f5fe2ad7aaffa2e70a3f9525c2bd 818
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t04.flac:c9e774330b5a6749be0b6fa486019 415
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t05.flac:112ac2e4fcf9ea6b72a50f7c7dab7 db0
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t06.flac:41bb12f513e741e355337833ee940 5c1
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t07.flac:e53b52fb63f7414d8ac39e85568f7 8b8
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t08.flac:1d603b1e13064990c11ded711711f dfa
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t09.flac:7db8371c03b410ec1126b510e4841 1aa
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t10.flac:5c73ddf9814af15b40c23b6296b58 ff3
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t11.flac:e241b47577f4f71bf692c6ff2f64e 02f
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t12.flac:e112193760acaf18a7c0f8077550b 464
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t13.flac:14b5ea274ad91110c8d97416bf55f 922
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t14.flac:9d5140a23a8a6ba3f825d923ea7e0 341
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t15.flac:9b9f7b7bbcb82be1dc1f37fd9913d 6e2
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t16.flac:1db37282d24b409e1db94d0e94fda 797
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t17.flac:dd05d24cff473a6ca3c2ec385a45d f00
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t18.flac:5b1a57ab1e372f3188130f30415f4 25a
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t19.flac:955e18c4d374aa603f3892199fe2e 199
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t20.flac:9ac1ac4c22475e36a63368796f7b9 210
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t21.flac:6fe3055eee36be63a5cd12c90676d 686
dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.t22.flac:84afd4203bf213b8f70c0f53d1816 5be

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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File Type: torrent dmb2018-07-07.ck63.m10.flac16.torrent (21.0 KB, 0 views) , size: 984.14 mb , seeders: 4 , completed: 596
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Thanks Crumbo.... another great Creekend in the books!
    Originally Posted by stoneje View Post
    I think you're trying to justify using the name Foundational Butch, which has probably only ever happened a) here, and b) in a secret Mattel lesbian Barbie naming meeting.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    i'm having a difficult time downloading and converting this file as well as 07-06-2018 file on a mac book. previous software doesnt recognize any audio on this.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Unbelievable turnaround time. Thanks a million!!
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Thank you so much for this!
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    If you download the DMB Hub on your phone, you can listen to N2 crystal clear. Friday as well. I don't think you can download it but you certainly can stream the whole show.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Does anyone know if these will play in iTunes? I'm new to torrents. Thanks!
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Download Utorrent and download the files through there. Once it is complete, right click the download and select "view in folder" and then drag and drop them into iTunes.

    Its been about 5 years since I have messed with these filed. They may need a FLAC converter which is easy to find and use. I also believe there is a sticky on the forums for people downloading shows.

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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    thank you
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    shoot straight
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Finally getting around to downloading. Thank you!
    Originally Posted by DeepTrax View Post
    everyone will be happy to get their hands on the gems. some of them will unlock magic. leroi is the fire. remember that.
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    Re: DMB2018-07-07.ck63.flac16 (Crumbo)

    Thank you very much for sharing!
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