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Syracuse: Lakeview Amp.

First show for us locals at the new amp. Had a great time, was a lot of fun for a Wednesday night. Going to do a 2 part review. First part will be about the venue itself, second about the show. Just know I am not a super picky person, but some of the issues at the venue def stood out. The issues didn't affect my time as I had a blast. Just some things they could easily/quickly improve that need to be pointed out.

Was in the orange lot at 3 pm, was in venue at 6:30 when gates opened, and was in the pit second row.

Venue Review:

- Parking: was really easy in they had sufficient people taking money and getting people in. We were among the first 10 cars in the orange lot. They had plenty of space there for what seems like everyone, but I believe they split the cars up for traffic sake getting out. Heard they oversold premier but that is fixable. Couldn't understand all the fencing in the lots. They blocked off the shortest walking distance to the venue with cheap removable fencing. Well that got moved quick by the masses.

- Box Office: Ok location they seemed a bit disorganized early on. Helpful and friendly people and more than enough workers in the front gate.

- Parking Lot Before Show: Very large, dry, no landscaping at all. The parking was sectioned off in strange ways with barriers in weird places. I can not stress this enough but there was not even close to enough bathrooms. This is easily correctable. At any given time in the orange lot you could look in your immediate sight and see 20-50 ppl peeing, that's not a joke. No garbage cans in the lots at all another easy correction. Lot attendants were plentiful but had no idea as to any information for the venue. Tailgating was fine and happened the whole day no issues. Lot of news broadcasters walking around pre-show as well. Friendly people met in the lots was a good time. Also saw a good amount of water trucks out there to help deal with the dust which was a non-issue the whole time. Walk to the front gate was about 2-5 mins for us so nothing major at all. Premier parking was like a 2 min walk to the front gate.

- Entrance and Impression: a 2-5 min walk into the venue on a narrow walkway with landscaping on the sides...keep this in mind for after show. Beautiful venue, I would say a destination venue, provided you don't think about how dirty the lake is. Vast lawn is right in front of, tons of vendors, food, beer, souvenirs, and even some other vendors in the area. Bathrooms were located down both sides of the venue among beer/vendor tents. The back of the lawn housed a sea of porter potties but it didn't seem as though those were efficient as far as being enough for the crowd. Vendors were also located in the back of the lawn. I noted the VIP area was to the left hand side of the venue if you were looking at the stage.

Sight lines from the lawn are awesome, and overall scenic views are even better. 20-35 boats were in the cove as showtime approached, with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. The lawn is very spacious and I believe they could fit close to 20k-22k in the venue if need be.

Vendors were quick service and helpful as well. I noted sufficient ushers and security throughout the venue. Prices were reasonable I mean hell they offered a 4 dollar 12 oz beer option...I have never seen that anywhere.

- Pit/Seats Area: Can't stress this enough, THERE IS NOT A BAD SEAT IN THE HOUSE. Sight lines are great from everywhere. Pit entrance was easy and convenient to both sides of the venue vendors. The sound from the pit was the best I have heard anywhere. Have been to several different venues, several different pits and the sound at this venue is top notch. Felt as though I had headphones on and was listening to the albums. Lot of friendly people in the pit. First 5 rows of seats were removed, and railing was against the 6th row seats.

- Getting out/Lots After Show: My main complaints are with this aspect of the venue. Not enough lighting, not even close. It is very dark in some spots walking out, especially the parking lot where thousands of ppl are running all over the place. More lighting on walkways out and in the lots is a def need. The venue funnels everyone out on that same narrow walkway in that I mentioned above. This lead to thousands of ppl walking over the landscaping on the walkway. Trampling the landscaping in the dark tripping, while older folks and handicapped ppl are being lost in the mass. My suggestion would be to create 2-3 more avenues of traffic toward the main gate with ample lighting. No garbage cans or bathrooms located on that 2-5 min walk towards the lot. So garbage was thrown all over and tons of ppl taking bathroom breaks on the sides of the walkway. Easy fix for more garbage cans and bathrooms.

Heard that the buses to the downtown centro were great. They had a dedicated lane out. That same lane is shared with the premier parking pass holders so they got that lot cleared in 15 mins. Shuttles to the other lots besides the orange were quick and most people got to their cars in 10-15 mins and I heard those lots cleared out in another 10-20 mins.

The orange lot is a nightmare to get out of. Dust was not a problem at all. What was a problem was people being all over the place, no lighting, and the fact that the exit for the lot is all the way back where you entered the lot. So if you are early into the lot you are in the back of the pack to get out. They can fix this if they could open the exit towards the front of the venue right onto 690, which word is that's a county/state issue.

All and all the venue is beautiful, the sound is incredible, and it is a very good venue to see a concert at. The facilities surrounding and the logistics still need a great deal of hashing out however, but they can get a pass for now being it's their 3rd show ever and the largest by far.
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    Re: Syracuse: Lakeview Amp.

    Show Review:

    Got to the pit around 6:45, gates opened at 6:30. Met a lot of cool people in there and had a great view. Good size pit and they did not overcrowd it which was nice. A good amount of space overall in the pit. Sound was top notch from here, in the conversation for best sound of any venue I have personally been to. Loud, large, and raucous crowd...especially in the pit.
    A lot of tapers, at least 5-8 mic stands. Band took the stage a little after 8:30 which was a bit late in my mind. Guy with the big green hat was just off to my left, also saw a stuffed pig which was tossed onto the stage 3-4 songs in. BTW the lights for this tour are wicked cool.

    Warehouse - I had predicted all day, in the lots, in the pit and to anyone who asked it would be a warehouse opener. Had a feeling and they hadn't played it in jones beach. Was very loud opener, crowd and energy in the place was fantastic. One of the highlights of the night for sure. Band was all smiles, talking among themselves. Dave took a selfie or two here.

    WTWE - standard version...crowd seemed to like this one

    Crash - always welcome, bit of a strange spot coming off all the energy in the building but good tune. Lots of talking among the band and even dancing commenced throughout the night. Smiles throughout all show long.

    Sugar Will - treat to see it back in rotation, standard version

    DDTW - wow, rocked the hell out of it. Great live tune, this one rocked like always.

    SOL - standard version

    #41 - pretty standard, was strange hearing the thank you chant going on during the end of this. The band played to it a bit towards the end but not sure it fit that well. Not to mention thank you needs to just go away. Boyd's solo was solid here. Loud again afterwards here. Throughout the show Dave didn't say much, the usual thank yous and mentioned how they enjoyed being in a new venue. They really enjoyed the venue from everything I could see and what they said.

    Samurai - first time hearing it, ok tune for sure. Dave cracked a small joke before the start.

    Grey Street - good mid set grey street. Loud sing along again, crowd was loving it. Guy next to me said it was one of his favs, was happy to see him enjoy it. A lot of discussion after this song, dancing by Carter, Tim and Dave in between songs.

    Satellite - another welcomed tune, loud sing along...standard version

    Break Free - another highlight of my night, glad to see it stay in rotation

    LIOG - great version, Boyd crushed this was super loud in the pit for Boyd during that time. I believe there was discussion between Carter and Dave for the reprise or not. They were chatting before Dave pointed at the mic, he turned and they finished the tune. When this song started I thought to myself this is pretty much vintage DMB so far. Felt like we had taking a step back close to 10 years, with minor changes and of course the loss of Roi. Set was really nice, intimate, jammed out...and not "new album" heavy for once. Very enjoyable.

    SMLAM - crowd was loving it, was meh. Could have lived without it but at this point I was alright with it. Sent this song right into....

    Typical Situation - highlight of my night. Was on my wishlist heading in. I was cool with going home after this, fully satisfied. My god Rashawn and Jeff here.

    WWYS - They brought up a Kininger from Lettuce who I saw years ago when they opened for DMB. Loud singalong here. Brass section crushed this song and the next one.

    Jimi - Standard version, long jammed out with Sexy MF on the end. Dave gave a high five to a guy dressed as the mad hatter right by me. Guy tossed his hat on stage, Dave wore it and danced around. Another unreal brass section performance.

    Short break here, really just felt like a classic DMB show here. Loud during the break.

    TSTJL - loved it in the spot

    Billies - loud singalong....pretty standard except the extended nature intro that was awesome...went out with a bang

    Boyd spent a lot of time on our side of the pit shaking hands, signing autographs. Dave came over tossed a couple picks, took some notes from the crowd, even grabbed a phone and took some selfies. Carter came over, tossed his sticks out. Signed an autograph and gave away a piece of his kit to a little kid way in the back of the pit. Called him up and the kid got to watch the encore from the rail. Carter also gave a symbol out to someone front middle of the rail. Dave was over there as well right before he left the stage.

    Had a blast at this show, smiles in the pit, smiles all night from the band. Loud, energetic, large crowd. Fun was had by all.

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    Re: Syracuse: Lakeview Amp.

    Thanks for the review !

    Awesome venue as a whole besides the lack of lightning on the way out.

    Here is my view of yesterday show:
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    Re: Syracuse: Lakeview Amp.

    Agree with all
    - Tim
    When I was young I didn't think about it, now I just can't get it out of my mind...
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    Re: Syracuse: Lakeview Amp.

    Agree with all as well. I do feel like the Sugar Will jam was a little longer and better than it was in Charlottesville which was awesome.
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