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Boston 12/9 my first and only review

Absolutely mind-bending. I have been to 55+ shows beginning in Foxboro, MA in 1999 and including Red Rocks 9/10 and 9/11/05 as well as both Fenway park shows in 2006 and 2009 and have been going to SPAC every, year every show since 2002 as well as many Harford CT and Mansfield MA shows. We tend to be pretty spoiled as far as dmb fans go being located in the Northeast. DMB most certainly never disappoints and last night was no exception.

The band opened with Squirm, which is probably my favorite song off Big Whiskey as well as Lying in the Hands of God. I was thrilled.

Broken Things - sounded awesome. I was really excited to hear all the rest of the Away From The World tracks I have yet to hear minus the 3 I heard this summer while attending Mansfield N2 and SPAC N1... Mercy, Sweet and If Only, which I liked each equally, upon hearing them for the first time with If Only being my first favorite standout, perfectly placed in the E1 slot following Dave solo #40 partial.

Why I Am - Thanks!! Perfect Ode to Leroi - sounded awesome.

#41- was the turning point for me and the rest of the venue, alike. Here is where I knew we were in for a gem and not just an average show for this tour, seemingly which they had been playing for the previous 6 shows this tour, with a song debut for the tour here and there. I knew Squirm and Why I Am had yet to be played this tour and #41 had only been played 1 show previous to last night. Great version of #41. Boyd pleased appropriately.

Belly Belly Nice - love this song! Greatness

Rooftop - beautiful. Loving all the new Away From The World songs. Just what I wanted thus far.

So Damn Lucky - Never gets old... Round n around n around n around... etc... No need for a 17 minute version. This one seemed to be about 10 mins which was appropriate. The extended outro gave me my first bathroom break of the evening. Thanks!

If Only - As I said. Love this one since SPAC N2 2012.

The Riff - "I.... I want you to.... Tell me that you want me!" Yes, The Riff, I want you and I got you.

Water into Wine (partial) - unexpected and equally pleasing. My buddy who was in attendance proposed to his wife during this song at the show last night. Congratulations Michael Rocheford!!! Best wishes to you and yours!!!

Drunken Soldier - beastmode

Granny - YES!! Freakin unbelievable. Old favorite pleasing the longtime fans in the building which were seemingly plentiful.

Lie In Our Graves - Boyd started out slow and pleased all present. Classic DMB.

What Would You Say - brought the house down!! Sounded fantastic and powerful. Had me admittedly missing Leroi on this one but Jeff did not disappoint.

The Song That Jane Likes - "I got a little sister named Jane and this is The Song That Jane Likes." EPIC. I LOVE THIS SONG AND HAVE FOR 15 years. One of my all time favorites. I was jumping, screaming and spilling my beer all over myself and the girl and her boyfriend in front of me. Sorry you two (whoever you are)....oops.

Snow Outside - WHATTT??? Where did that outro come from?? That shiz was ridiculous and powerful. THEY SLAYED this one. JAMMY JAMMED IT THE F OUT. THANKS DMB

Time Bomb - Okay I like this song but I must admit I dont really understand the Time Bomb and then Dave does the Time Bomb intro to Two Step. I miss the older Two Steps where Dave would use the intro to tell a different little story each show... but Time Bomb never disappoints - "I Wanna believe in Jesus!!""" yup, me too Dave.

Two Step - Uhhhm. Hmmm... Did that really happen?? I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY 55+ dmb shows. The outro was INSANE. Carter turned this into a POUNDING BEAT that was overwhelmingly infectious and had the place erupting in a DRUM SLAMMING FRENZY with amazing accompaniment from Tim. I thought the SPAC Two Steps from the early-mid 2000's, along with Fenway were insane but this topped anything ever X10!!!! Cant wait for the tape for this one alone. Left everyone present grinning and eagerly awaiting the encore. Carters solo was sick as well and he took the opportunity to throw out his sticks now, instead of after the encore. Much appropriate! CARTER IS GOD. Again. Always. Wow


Baby Blue (Dave Solo) - I thought this was Sister upon hearing the opening licks from Dave. Since I do not own a copy of Big Whiskey and have never heard this song live, I had no way to predict this one. Sounded awesome. I like it. Great way to hear this for the first time.

Ants Marching - Crowd pleaser/fan favorite. Amazing as always

Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Again - Me: "WHAT?? NO... He cant be playing this right now." "Oh man, he is" Are you freaking kidding me? This only got played twice the whole 2012 summer tour, I believe and at Alpine and Gorge, nonetheless. Never thought in a million years we would be getting this one last night. I'm dying waiting for a setlist scan to pop up on ants or so I can know whether or not this was planned or if it was a nod to the energy and appreciation flowing from the band to the crowd and vice versa.

All in all this show was up there in my top 5 with the likes of Red Rocks 9/10/05 and 9/11/05 where I had a meet and greet with Dave backstage before the show and met Carter, Leroi and Rashawn later that night, SPAC 6/21/08, Fenway 2006... etc. This one will live on for a long time with die hard and new fans alike. I'm still in awe 24 hours later and will be for a while. Cant wait for the tape. Once again Thankyou DMB Falettinmebemiceelfagain and again and again and again.......
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    Re: Boston 12/9 my first and only review

    listening to the riff thru liog now yep
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    Re: Boston 12/9 my first and only review

    Good solid review and def will download this one now !
    GOOOOOOO DAWGS !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Boston 12/9 my first and only review

    Nice review. I've been waiting to listen to this show. The lyrics you posted for The Riff are from Rooftop though :-)
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    Re: Boston 12/9 my first and only review

    my favorite show of the tour I believe
    2019: P'cola. JazzFest. SPAC x2.
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