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DMB1996-10-21.at4051.shnf (Dave Gatewood)

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Dave Matthews Band
10/21/96 (Monday)
Dane County Coliseum
Madison, WI

Source: Audio Technica 4051 > Stewart BPS-1 > Sony TCD-D8 @ 44.1kHz
Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > Delta Di0 2496 >
Samplitude v5.55 > CDWAV v1.9 > mkwACT v0.97 Beta 1
No DAE - Seek tables appended - Clone used in transfer
Taped by Dave Gatewood and Tony D.
Transfer, encoding and info file by

Disc 1:
01: Intro
02: Drive In, Drive Out
03: Dancing Nancies
04: Tripping Billies
05: Crash Into Me
06: Lie In Our Graves
07: #41
08: Jimi Thing

Disc 2:
01: Help Myself
02: So Much To Say >
03: Anyone Seen The Bridge? >
04: Too Much
05: Recently >
06: Typical Situation
07: Granny
08: Two Step
09: Ants Marching
10: E: Angel From Montgomery
11: Satellite

e1c3ed97800ac65d06285464b7f87cd8 *dmb1996-10-21d2t11.AT4051.shn
e49ccef12db1bbd1496e4480b1379ad8 *dmb1996-10-21d1t02.AT4051.shn
764ec0522ba7e2e862c8babe8eb0821d *dmb1996-10-21d1t03.AT4051.shn
3bedd5a3130c3e540b9af990c16435cf *dmb1996-10-21d1t04.AT4051.shn
aea75a720bc8b7cf7e0d0ee2faf3fd8d *dmb1996-10-21d1t05.AT4051.shn
73e7816e544746750dded238aa82807b *dmb1996-10-21d1t06.AT4051.shn
246671ad91a1e2857d874319d1eff9b7 *dmb1996-10-21d1t07.AT4051.shn
52d6ca88555e877404ed86bb89a67893 *dmb1996-10-21d1t08.AT4051.shn
9a84cbfb6fc9c3c7b7d45915c70cc665 *dmb1996-10-21d2t01.AT4051.shn
a46f46f060aed785ad6b8ec124d484dc *dmb1996-10-21d2t02.AT4051.shn
e3c11133da44a8515a1d0321bb5cc0f2 *dmb1996-10-21d2t03.AT4051.shn
927fdc613b412a62d3378a53ee745bdd *dmb1996-10-21d2t04.AT4051.shn
136c22f62c4eb9e6ee338f5066c453d3 *dmb1996-10-21d2t05.AT4051.shn
9270ed4cd1a4bbf7116cfd09b3cf9a8d *dmb1996-10-21d2t06.AT4051.shn
e8c5fb2cb61b25edc120eff7cff7a59d *dmb1996-10-21d2t07.AT4051.shn
b3b49c10ead5a8b8a707ba79f97a0f06 *dmb1996-10-21d2t08.AT4051.shn
19aa2cc242044b58c237b6a5d5d3ba81 *dmb1996-10-21d2t09.AT4051.shn
71686b4a5a6847ac67a088324046ab01 *dmb1996-10-21d2t10.AT4051.shn
62adc374244e5a303ef2e19f6616657b *dmb1996-10-21d1t01.AT4051.shn

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