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DMB2022-09-17.neumann-u89s.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
September 17, 2022

Location: Section 102, Row H, Seat 1 (Aisle), Head Height
Source: Neumann U89s > Lunatec V3 > Sound Devicess 788t (24/96)

01: Intro
02: Minarets
03: Fool In The Rain
04: When The World Ends
05: The Riff
06: #41
07: Madman's Eyes
08: If Only
09: Grey Street
10: Walk Around The Moon
11: Lie In Our Graves
12: Drive In Drive Out
13: It's Your Thing
14: Lying In The Hands Of God
15: She
16: So Damn Lucky
17: Come On Come On
18: (Kill The Preacher)
19: Why I Am
20: Don't Drink The Water
21: Warehouse
22: Encore Break
23: Virginia In The Rain *
24: Two Step

* - Dave Solo

636996acf31a4fdccab656cb4445f1dc96cccb8e dmb2022-09-17t01.flac
35e6e33756197db8c59a76bda937c191a74a39df dmb2022-09-17t02.flac
92626f229457fa7be14115aeca0d5c2ec222836e dmb2022-09-17t03.flac
903fe23697b20894a90bf018d7132ab867271cca dmb2022-09-17t04.flac
5f594516d06c06571798f148f78b805503957d56 dmb2022-09-17t05.flac
13060687bb075068f121fa8ca14661edc0b18381 dmb2022-09-17t06.flac
04121e49bdcb687c19d7230038af828cf66e2fe0 dmb2022-09-17t07.flac
4371bdad7dc0ecb64472a1635641869134443211 dmb2022-09-17t08.flac
90eafb21fd8b88fa7b9daa374fb70285e45cca6e dmb2022-09-17t09.flac
1f16b1b6315b268cd18f0ad87466823c75ca0af2 dmb2022-09-17t10.flac
81138bcc942f9e8ecea9d34511dbe0c15ccb05a6 dmb2022-09-17t11.flac
6f247bb2deecdd71deb2dbfb196e5926bced51fc dmb2022-09-17t12.flac
7821b467556281bd2d0f832fb04ce2f376bf1c8e dmb2022-09-17t13.flac
8f8f4d5371b14c33db4a2c8ed76fd68bfe39b72d dmb2022-09-17t14.flac
cc860b46536cc13849a1ea5a4d18a84292c02355 dmb2022-09-17t15.flac
75218b396bab438a79bc277150a488267554a038 dmb2022-09-17t16.flac
6c4117e6402d6032425007f6dbb8ef35e756786a dmb2022-09-17t17.flac
157e23a1a4748c089606a1fc8a95a00c0c6cddc2 dmb2022-09-17t18.flac
5f08765f3934b369eddd7f70f6c392d6c0e123db dmb2022-09-17t19.flac
573ab862a1d97875cd98975cb9274023c2a99cf7 dmb2022-09-17t20.flac
92ce12ddfac8b50e70b1d2b4f66e9de2ef2a0694 dmb2022-09-17t21.flac
75b4cc92ac2811ab596e43e135b1733a8fafffbb dmb2022-09-17t22.flac
fb0d4905cb08174fb936dc3e29efb579ca5ebaeb dmb2022-09-17t23.flac
282a795d0faa2e7577df815f4989b33d27f45d77 dmb2022-09-17t24.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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    Re: DMB2022-09-17.neumann-u89s.flac16 (Unknown)

    Thank you. Phenomenal show! Shoreline magic is alive and well.
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