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DMB2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 20, 2022
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - Bethel, NY

*=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=*
*=*=*=*=* 16/48 RECORDING *=*=*=*=*
*=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=*

Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: AKG C414 XLII (Hypercardioid) > MixPre 6 II (32 Bit Float @ 96)
Location: Section C, Row D, Seat 6, Mics PAS ~15'
Editing: WAV > Reaper 6.64 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing, Resample 32/48) > Audacity 3.1.3 (Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Intro/Tuning
02. Pig
03. The Maker¹
04. Funny the Way It Is
05. When the World Ends
06. The Dreaming Tree²
07. Crush³
08. Madman's Eyes
09. Stay or Leave⁴
10. Pantala Naga Pampa >
11. Rapunzel
12. Walk Around the Moon
13. Sledgehammer⁵
14. Come On Come On
15. Don't Drink the Water
16. Lying in the Hands of God⁶
17. Say Goodbye
18. The Star-Spangled Banner (Partial)⁷
19. Corn Bread⁸
20. Dancing Nancies >
21. Warehouse⁹
22. Encore Break
23. Some Devil
24. Band Introductions
25. Ants Marching⁰

Total Performance Time: [02:57:04.991]

Dave Matthews Band:

Dave Matthews - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tim Reynolds - Electric Guitar
Stefan Lessard - Bass
Buddy Strong - Keyboards, Vocals
Rashawn Ross - Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Coffin - Saxophone, Flute
Carter Beauford - Drums


¹ Daniel Lanois cover
² Chocolate Rain interpolation
³ Stefan solo intro
⁴ Second verse vocals skipped
⁵ Peter Gabriel cover
⁶ American Baby Intro, Eleanor Rigby, and Bourbon and Lacs interpolations
⁷ Joe Lawlor solo, in the style of Jimi Hendrix, with small Carter accents
⁸ with Joe Lawlor, Down By the Riverside interpolation
⁹ Dave breaks a string, guitar is swapped out during second verse, Louie Louie interpolation
⁰ Carter solo intro, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) interpolation

During "Stay or Leave", Dave sings the second verse ["Wake up naked drinking coffee"] as the first. He attempts to swap the verses but aborts, leaving the first verse ["Maybe different but remember"] unsung.

Huge thanks to Greg Mendelsohn for the stand space and Keith Antaya for the clamp.

This recording is dedicated to all the tapers that have taught me to love archiving live music.

Compiled on 2022/07/22.

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.50 on 2022-07-22 08:46:03 +0000

dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t01.flac:46f2fa483fbc4b5e0cd2881303 9db53e
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t02.flac:6bc7725f2e26673ab30c50a64a a40d7c
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t03.flac:44f86924d8d12f3ecdbfaa3fd3 36dc9b
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t04.flac:47b19b628df4eee9b07f2c8f0b 9efe2e
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t05.flac:1f78aaacb054b7320870cbedeb 1c1a50
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t06.flac:71d6bdf74aa34247af2cd81b4e e56942
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t07.flac:b9209ccfd51f139215e71d6b81 fe54f1
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t08.flac:d5c7e552c7b1529608dc424359 d17a57
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t09.flac:81fce6bc3a1d2468c66828bea0 fbe184
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t10.flac:3bd613205a5dab159d29e990f3 8e0ded
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t11.flac:57cd8263b8dcee949e8cf114c9 a8d9ba
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t12.flac:3f93f646700df54bc2a1d57789 acf70b
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t13.flac:7ba067c2401d1e08952d2070e9 5d6140
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t14.flac:269d94a28c19eefad93b922983 283090
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t15.flac:819bdb73937950a51b58e6a1c5 5e1f4c
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t16.flac:8fbe195fb41aee1bc2507212f2 4663bd
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t17.flac:d89f45b83523685c0210208348 fcc225
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t18.flac:97118d3573cf38a3bc06fc546c 1fb754
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t19.flac:464c6fac05f486b1a4558b922c 2140f2
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t20.flac:323f39370a7f2ec6237674d1fa 7f4de6
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t21.flac:759fd2c06eeec5e819cbadfe49 815c49
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t22.flac:f17501df9ca4cffde483af5b2c ac597d
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t23.flac:3456a7cce5ae2f85e62a427598 3a708f
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t24.flac:bb3ba9203c30505844d76af0bb 9c0563
dmb2022-07-20.akgc414xlii.t25.flac:cdd32d96120a3bbf808153fcc5 5d43da

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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