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DMB2022-06-18.akg480.ck61.flac16 (Jason Morneau)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 18, 2022
Xfinity Theatre- Hartford, CT

Recorded by Jason Morneau
AKG 480/ck61 > Zoom F8
Files joined/amplified in NCH Wavepad Sound Editor
Tracked in CD Wave Editor
12', right stack in the pit

1. Intro
2. One Sweet World
3. When The World Ends
4. What Would You Say
5. Break For It
6. The Stone
7. Funny The Way It Is
8. Lying In the Hands of God
9. Grace Is Gone
10. Cant Stop
11. Dancing Nancies
12. Walk Around The Moon
13. So Damn Lucky
14. Break Free
15. Say Goodbye
16. Crush
17. Why I Am
18. Come On Come On
19. Ants Marching

-------- ENCORE --------

20. Steady As We Go *
21. Two Step


* Dave and Buddy

dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t01.flac:1d7256523fa78e554b11641fe4573 258
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t02.flac:7808eface6e52df344bfaeb8102ef 5b1
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t03.flac:77ad5008985487c12386eb3e7d8ac cc1
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t04.flac:ec1406b445170b733e9fd2822d511 504
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t05.flac:224da1b293d1401372542c92ada07 2f2
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t06.flac:b8ec8134f16d9adf03257cf821653 479
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t07.flac:81f17593c9228274e24933e894fc8 fb4
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t08.flac:f2494e17bfdad2ccc17c2f0b0c4e4 dec
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t09.flac:65236ef0c64e5284b35974585467c e9a
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t10.flac:26af650905433016bd6745a371eec b11
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t11.flac:4790899a7f44ddcd20c77c24ad873 abf
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t12.flac:b33cf297998cbb21c3cf93075f8e2 44f
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t13.flac:fa54b46da5b3b2b7493304b4e0ab0 6fd
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t14.flac:6f09068a6077d7974f1a855dee5e5 03c
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t15.flac:16120e4b5d4d6d878e6e2c984a271 42d
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t16.flac:90af27da95d3636b16426ea22fb8b aa8
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t17.flac:891308eaac737e859f81690852615 fe5
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t18.flac:931843bc9a8d6b5767dd2ee732532 395
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t19.flac:d024354289ef636a434c9f7c490ac 5af
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t20.flac:233089c3d1f16a255b8d7cfaf0c8a d0e
dmb2022-06-18.akg48061.t21.flac:40206eaf5f626ebc2568390f28f7c 16e

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2022-06-18.akg480.ck61.flac16 (Jason Morneau)

    Sounds incredible!! Thanks!!
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