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DMB2021-08-25.akgck61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

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Dave Matthews Band
Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
Gilford, NH

Taper: John Gortakowski (
Location: PIT (Back Rail, Left Stack)
Source: AKG ck61 (DINa, ~12) > Nbob active cables > Edirol UA-5 (w Mod) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/96kHz)
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > Audacity 2.1 (Normalize to -0.03dB; Fade In and Out applied; dither to 16/44.1) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > xACT 2.38 (level 8) > FLAC

******************** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS*********************

01. Intro
02. When the World Ends
03. Granny
04. What Would You Say
05. Sweet
06. The Song That Jane Likes
07. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
08. Pig
09. Seek Up
10. Sledgehammer
11. Everyday
12. Gravedigger
13. So Damn Lucky
14. Write a Song >
15. Crush
16. Digging a Ditch
17. Minarets
18. Stay (Wasting Time) >
19. Ants Marching
20. Encore Break
21. Sister
22. Tripping Billies

Thanks to Chris Drews and Rob Bokon for the tickets. Thanks to Ninette for the company.
> Indicates a segue into next song

compiled by John Gortakowski on August 27, 2021

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.38 on 2001-01-01 21:31:43 +0000

01. Intro.flac:7cf1d574a57fa6a35bfca2b2ecfb1232
02. When the World Ends.flac:99f0cf4472989a2a8cda6a5a5cc6577b
03. Granny.flac:7973b09e1c0b38f71f82249bd601ba22
04. What Would You Say.flac:f846174db1b89f867916b17876370d53
05. Sweet.flac:8a8791b5b3d564c0e109ce8475839d6f
06. The Song That Jane Likes.flac:7df101c015dc55cff0d4e7a4b15e52fd
07. Samurai Cop.flac:83bee88139337811742ec6b6c740804d
08. Pig.flac:d02e11759a9231d34920f8270cfc8ac0
09. Seek Up.flac:7fbbf12e7bef437060c7cbcaaee66146
10. Sledgehammer.flac:d01d5db1b2a101779e512d703e983d1a
11. Everyday.flac:4465bd100d91466b7950923ac5c39e41
12. Gravedigger.flac:c0c22cc3d72ab52d69d48cd5d63399e4
13. So Damn Lucky.flac:c8ef97f205417553dd19ee0313eb8459
14. Write A Song.flac:0e0196037c1b9543c5c103370e64a734
15. Crush.flac:62ccee595c2ec69e621e62caa9cc05a2
16. Digging a Ditch.flac:e2e1f60c3aee50be72098a1871d075a7
17. Minarets.flac:182c20e06c12cfde0e08b129df226209
18. Stay.flac:c51bf671233ac9e645b3363f2dd437a7
19. Ants Marching.flac:f54909f3c0de16984bff9ca5111fe180
20. Encore Break.flac:105f65d22f4d31e223ee3a587ca01cbe
21. Sister.flac:0055281af8d1fc182f3b3b6d3acdf4a4
22. Tripping Billies.flac:fe0e55984804f06506fe4ef3074371e0

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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