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DMB2021-08-11.at853.st9100.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews Band
August 11, 2021
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, Michigan

************************************************** *****************
Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: Audio Technica 853s (Cards/4.7k mod) > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09
Location: Center Section, Row FF, Seat 8, DFC ROB, DIN @ 8'
************************************************** *****************

01. Introduction
02. Seek Up
03. Granny
04. Warehouse
05. Can't Stop
06. Sweet
07. So Damn Lucky
08. Rhyme & Reason
09. Funny The Way It Is
10. Walk Around The Moon
11. #41
12. Everyday
13. What Would You Say
14. The Ocean And The Butterfly
15. Spaceman
16. You Might Die Trying
17. The Space Between
18. Jimi Thing
19. I Want A New Drug
20. Sexy M.F.
21. Grey Street
22. Encore Break
23. Singing From The Windows
24. Pantala Naga Pampa
25. Rapunzel

Sent the rig up to Zach to tape Clarkston! He did a great job.
Thank you to Ryan Jonik from Nine Inch Nails Live ( for the gear.
-Mark Terrell

a15077ea19c433995cf022e2ec6ae5a0 *dmb2021-08-11t01.flac
c9477ea6c68a8f627cc7b9efc56a6546 *dmb2021-08-11t02.flac
541d680e3325f1b861b00cee47cd4b5a *dmb2021-08-11t03.flac
8e2e824b3412866c73f8494a57e2f90f *dmb2021-08-11t04.flac
254b916f1a2615a2a87e4f9814f54529 *dmb2021-08-11t05.flac
709cc9f657b5f6e3f95f8392e98203b6 *dmb2021-08-11t06.flac
9cd40f52051ab95a744217dfbe410b98 *dmb2021-08-11t07.flac
8415bd468175d7e6ca1a5ee368b1d71d *dmb2021-08-11t08.flac
627713b2234e8f906afec383cf5dbb9b *dmb2021-08-11t09.flac
2a6940211d0a66f7e1a16fc892141844 *dmb2021-08-11t10.flac
adb168be9b5df1495fae2f96d807c613 *dmb2021-08-11t11.flac
3206527d64c62174cd2279e286a804cf *dmb2021-08-11t12.flac
102819a5c5a69f79c84cc53d55d81ecd *dmb2021-08-11t13.flac
89c97f45f530fb8436c558b7f2f17d75 *dmb2021-08-11t14.flac
292271a55ce8752e9f9a06f2d63f0616 *dmb2021-08-11t15.flac
e9f9c9f183a261f0ab7e0986a4aba12c *dmb2021-08-11t16.flac
a42272f590ee5c8f5103f498da15156c *dmb2021-08-11t17.flac
d95bba737f87205c0d5238aee4ab2396 *dmb2021-08-11t18.flac
8ca9cb1d9a9e239386617795d88c5389 *dmb2021-08-11t19.flac
029e3d551ab98823937d1bf69ec88d84 *dmb2021-08-11t20.flac
15f4c1bca7cb504c06aa9963d0b19921 *dmb2021-08-11t21.flac
7559c51725ab46464d52dffe031c417d *dmb2021-08-11t22.flac
b4fbc8b72431a23ad9f5e4ab9973126f *dmb2021-08-11t23.flac
93b7f23b93de0a879559cb35b2ecf951 *dmb2021-08-11t24.flac
1b009231ea991f57c0b4342d3326f56b *dmb2021-08-11t25.flac

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