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Re: Fantasy Tour Discussion

Originally Posted by WiseManSay View Post
Anyone want to explain this Still Water thing to me? I know I'm behind but all this debating is kinda silly. It's my understanding that:

- it is only used as an intro to DDTW.
- it is not played as the full version
- yet people want it to count as cover song and opener points?

Am I correct in assuming this? And if I am, why should it count for anything?

1. If it is not played in full it doesn't get any points. Just like #40.
2. It isn't listed as an opener on the official setlist, opener points go to DDTW.
3. There are outros that are partial covers. Why not count them then?

People who have cover song already have an advantage as it can count as different songs night to night.

My two cents.
the thing of it is, it is being played in full, it is not being teased. in fact, at bridgeview still water was longer than ddtw.

still water has the potential to be played by itself, or before other songs, John even said that it was played before Bartender. For that reason it should get points as a cover song.
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