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Re: Fantasy Tour Discussion

Originally Posted by Minarets#40 View Post
yeah... that's the one thing that can make the whole thing fall apart. People can deal with rule changes all you want before the draft, but once people have picked songs, it changes people's ability to influence their own outcome. Basically, it means those making the decision are the ones deciding who wins. I've already made the case that letting still water count as an opener makes it more valueable than DDTW. With the way that Jantz himself stated the rules before the draft, with the way that EVERY league drafted, and with the way everything has been done up until now, Still Water should absolutely NOT get points for being an opener. Ok, so there are mixed feelings... I can deal with even a compromise, but I think it's bullshit to start saying that Still Water AND DDTW can both get opener points. And with the way the rules were stated pre-draft, there's no other logical option than to let DDTW get the opener points.

Want a fair compromise that's a good balance of what everyone's been arguing? Well the only way I can see that won't severely piss off a bunch of people to do that is to let Still Water get points for being played if the road page setlist says it was played in full, but to make a Still Water > DDTW opener give the opener points to only DDTW. Other than that, I can not live with the rules the way they are. This is absolutely rediculous. Jantz, please don't turn this into a dictatorship where you aren't flexible on things. People will like this league if they get to participate in it, but I don't think I'd enjoy being in a league where my voice doesn't get heard. I realize I've had a fair share of influence so far, but please don't forget how we got where we are now. I've sent you a number of PMs about the issue and they have all been ignored so far.
A.) - It has never been a dictatorship, Im just sick of getting my mailbox flooded with complaints. I dont' know what the fuck to do man.

My original idea was to have Still Water count as a cover song and not opener points.....That is what I WANTED, but I had people bitching about that, saying there going to drop from the league.

What can I do man? I'm trying my best here. And I haven't ignored the PM's...Ive sent you messages via AIM while your offline, Im assuming you didn't get them.

Edit: And the complaints Im talking about John are not from you, you know as much as I do that your my partner and you've helped me out a shit load.....We'll figure something out.
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