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Re: I like Listener Supported More than Red Rocks

Originally Posted by ToySoldier#34 View Post
LS - always special to me, love the setlist, how they sound, Roi, everything
Luther - first DMB related live release I bought, had never heard people play like that acoustically
Gorge '02 - the DVD is when I changed from casual to a bigger fan
FF - love Dave's voice on it, Bartender is my favorite DMB live performance
CP - great stuff, not quite as special to me as the others, mostly setlist related
Chicago - similar reasoning as CP but I don't like it quite as much
RR05 - some real clunkers on song choice, band sounds great
RR95 - as stated earlier I find it to be rushed, thin, Dave is nasally, #36 is not for me. It's special to a lot of people in that it's when they were up and coming, to me it's a lesser version of what they turned into.
I try to not be biased towards Folsom
But I was there and it was my second ever show. Still canít believe it got an official release. Great night and solidified my obsession with the band .
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