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Re: I like Listener Supported More than Red Rocks

Originally Posted by Speilmen230 View Post
RR95 is raw unmitigated 90s DMB. It has my favorite version of Ants. It's not the best show ever, but it has a kind of magic that isn't easily matched by many other shows. That 95 tour was just special. LT 5&12 are both exquisite releases as well.
I think it really depends on when you got into this band. If Red Rocks was your first purchase outside of the 2 studio albums at the time, I think it holds a real weight. For me living in Colorado, it just added to the fame Red Rocks already held.. an up and coming band from out of state puts out their first live album and it's one of the very best live albums from the 90's...

When the band released it in 1997 they were on their way to enormous stardom..Maybe more than they could have realized in 1995 when they recorded it. It was their first headlining show there! They had only opened for The Samples and Big Head Todd in the past..

I get I'm likely biased being from Colorado, but it will always be my favorite thing this band has released. I was so incredibly excited to get in on vinyl.

Listener Supported is a close second if not tied... It's excellent, but it's very different. The same arguments could be made in exact opposite of red rocks, that the band was slowed down, jazzy, a little loose on LS... and at times the show drags.
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