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Re: Random dmb thoughts that don't need their own thread

Originally Posted by yankeesguy86 View Post
Maybe not controversial, but I genuinely look forward to hearing Louisiana Bayou. +1 for me at any show.
I was huge fan of this tune in 05. Especially if Robert Randolph was in town, which he was when I saw them in Columbus. It got even better when they added that additional chord change later that summer. It's still fun to see.

Originally Posted by ToySoldier#34 View Post
Did Buddy ever switch to piano on LIOG instead of organ?
He really should. I was thinking about that recently when listening to one that had Butch. The keys are far more suited for that song than organ. None of DMB's songs really need organ. Bayou works, but outside of any southern sounding tunes, Buddy should stick to piano.

Originally Posted by Dannyyankou View Post
This will anger some people. I think Proudest Monkey from Live Trax 15 is the bandís most overrated performance.
Didn't know this was a highly rated performance. I've never seen anyone talking about it. Proudest Monkey is so good, but like anything when played too much it can tire out. There was a stretch there where it was getting played way too much.
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