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Re: I like Listener Supported More than Red Rocks

Originally Posted by Captainnumber36 View Post
I just think it's a stronger show.
It’s 2 very different bands. One is up and coming with red rocks being the coolest venue they’ve ever played at. Excitement and energy at all time hiighs.

LS is a well established band in their prime. The set list is a bit more vast. They’ve played arenas and toured non stop for years.

It’s either or for me. Red rocks was my first buy from the band back in 97 when it came out.. but wasn’t sold on them just yet. LS made me completely obsessed., but the video release has a lot to to Ruth it. Pre YouTube, it was such a treat to own a video of a band you liked to watch any time.

We take it for granted now, but that first video release was a treasure and is still their best filmed concert . It is perfect.
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