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Re: Random dmb thoughts that don't need their own thread

Originally Posted by Whiteyxc514 View Post
My goodness, the Warehouse message boards are so bad. There is no rhyme or reason — no pun intended — to how they are organized.

I very rarely check it. It seems to be a fairly active board, but it's incredibly silly that there is not a DMB/music section and a non-music section.
Not just that but every post is met with sarcasm. There’s a few super active guys on there that all post the same sarcastic response to everything.

The ticket thread is even worse. Riddled with ISO threads and other completely unclear posts. ‘Looking for 2 tickets, have 4’. Without saying what show it is, or what they have or want.
Originally Posted by jssmith6 View Post
Anyways, I plan to have a fake card if needed to access my shows this year.
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