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Re: **Deer Creek 2012**


1- Eh, not my cup of tea. Not a waste of time. It really doesn't hold up at all over multiple viewings well at all. I'll be nice and give it a C+

2- One of the worst films ever released as a summer blockbuster. One giant overlong turd. I couldn't believe some of the stuff that was happening was actually happening and left in the final product. And some really really really stupid stuff. The fight in the woods where optimus "dies" is cool...that's it. And its not worth sitting through any of this garbage for. F

3- A bit better than 2, but a lot of my problems are still there and some new ones are created. There's some good action pieces that are edited well for a Michael Bay film (he used 3D cameras limiting the amount time and angles he had to work with, this is why). Things go boom, people like that i guess. Couldn't tolerate that Victoria's Secret model they cast. Actually made Megan Fox look like Cate Blanchett+ D+

Its a big knock that i really can't stand Michael Bay's sense of humor. The yucks he puts in his films makes groan and sometimes make me want to scream.

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