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Re: DMB Fantasy Tour 2010: Information and Rules

Originally Posted by PantalaNagaMan View Post
<>Each team is required to buy a song from Group A. There will be 12 teams in a league, and there 12 - Group A songs.
I have a draft question regarding this bullet point. I figured I'd post it here for the benefit of everyone. It's likely that everyone else already figured this out and I'm just a little slow...

Since each team is required to own a Group A song, does it matter when I select it? Let's say, for instance that I have the 12th pick in the first round. I don't have a choice which Group A song I'm getting anyway so why not leave it on the table and use my first two picks for some strong B or C songs. All the other teams have to leave it alone right?

To take that a little futher, why couldn't I pass up the Group A song no matter where I am in the draft order. I may end up, again, with the 12th Group A song or, if others skip it too, then whoever pulls the trigger on their Group A song earlier in the draft will be more likely to get the song that they want.

The bottom line is that once you've selected a Group A song, you can't pick another one if it's still on the table when your turn comes back around...correct?
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