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Originally Posted by DMBBeav View Post
Just curious, if you leave the lot ahead of others(like say you leave during the final song and beat most people to your car) is it still impossible to get out or is it just if you get caught in the rush you are screwed?
If you want to beat the traffic for real, even if you are in the pay lots, you want to start walking during the encore. My system is I usually wait to see the first song is going to be of the encore and unless its earth shattering or something that I'm in the mood to hear, I start jogging or walking fast during the first notes of the first song of the encore. If I'm in the first pay lot on the right off the highway, I boogey right to the side walking path that connects that lot to the free lots and make it to my car with the wife and we get out of dodge. If you are in the free lots and are not completely boxed in by, say a jersey barrier or another car or someone left their grill out and you can't get around, it is plausible to make it to your car in the free lots and get out with maybe a 15 minute wait, depending where you are in the free lots.

The problem with Mansfield of course is the bottleneck to the one area that everyone is trying to get to to leave. If they could somehow, maybe way in the way back corner to the left if facing the amphitheater somehow put another 2 lane exit, it would alleviate congestion so much.

But as others will attest to, I have a lot of fun tailgating at Mansfield. I don't know exactly why, but once you're settled and sitting with friends and drinking, it's all about the moments you make. Really, that's anywhere you go but for me I have a lot of fun memories of Mansfield and do love tailgating there. I miss the days when you could get there at 1pm and setup shop and drink and party to 7pm, but too many drunks (even under-aged) squashed that, and rightfully so.
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