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Originally Posted by sgvette67 View Post
For me, I accepted a while ago that we'll never get the DMB of the 90s back. I'll always cling desperately to the music of those days, but I'm also willing to let myself enjoy the DMB of today. The band has clearly changed since then - lyrically, literally (-Roi -Boyd), and stylistically. Sadly, as someone above pointed out, this band has never been the same after the Lillywhite saga and I honestly don't think they've ever been able to regain their identify.

CT still doesn't show me any sort of cohesive identify of this band. But for me, there are some real bright spots that I haven't seen in a long time. And I personally think the worst songs are much better than the worst songs of ED, SU, BW, and AFTW. For me, this album is really easy to listen to. There isn't a single song that is an immediate skip (even CT with those "we'll be good to go" lyrics...yeesh). And there are several songs I single out to listen to as favorites, which wasn't the case for me on the last two albums.

I'll put it this way. Mowing my lawn is mindless fun to me, and I like to just zone out while listening to music. If I enjoy an album, it just blends into the background and I'll get to the end of it without really thinking about what was playing. But if an album is bad, it sticks out, and I'll get annoyed with having to keep stopping the mower to reach into my pocket to skip tracks. I've mowed twice without having to skip anything for CT.

No, it doesn't rank ANYWHERE NEAR the big 3. If you put it up against BTCS for flow and overall production, this record is a mess. But come on guys, BTCS was a masterpiece that will never be touched. Let's not compare it to that. I put it right in the middle of the 9.

BTCS - 10
Crash - 9
BS - 8
CT - 6.5/7
BW - 6
AFTW - 5
ED - 4.5
SU - 4
Man, comparing the listening experience to an album while mowing hits home with me. My first "complete" listen to the album was while mowing. I need about an hour of non-stop music to get thru, and this album does go perfectly with that.

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