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Originally Posted by grilldanmo View Post
I don't think it's ever been about lazy nor was it ever likely malicious, the 3rd verse (and second bridge...never been just the verse that was missing) that is. But he was singing it w/o those parts for almost two decades. Two solo performances during the last six months weren't likely to trigger the original parts and lyrics permanently back to the forefront of his mind.

So much of what all artists perform is musical muscle memory...

So many other songs have been extended though. Two step went from 10 minutes to 15-20 minutes with a time bomb lyric intro. Jimi Thing has grown and expanded year over year. Dave even through 2019 has reshaped sugar will. If dave really wanted to play the 3rd verse he would have the lyrics added back to the teleprompter years ago or even a few shows after the late night performance it was cut from.

Lots of artists perform from muscle memory but dave makes up skats and lyrics on the fly on a nightly basis.
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