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Re: Are You Kidding Me

I'm probably going to get blasted for this...but a couple reasons WHY STAND UP IS AWESOME

1. The Firedancer on the front...used it as the stencil for my tattoo
2. Dreamgirl is such a cute song AND video!! I think Julia Robert's did a great job AND the way they incorporated everyone in the band in to the video
3. Old Dirt Hill....although I do like the live versions better
4.Smooth Rider...Again, like the live versions better
5.Lousiana Bayou...I know some of you dont like this song, but it does get the crowd moving at shows
6. Stolen of my faves
7. Steady as we go...a DEFINITE favorite of mine, and will be my wedding song someday!!
8. Hunger for the Great Light...come on, doesnt everyone like a song about a blow job??? Seriously though, I think it's a crowd mover
9. You Might Die Trying...oops! out of order, but Roi's parts on the Vegas Live Trax were freaking awesome!!

Again, I know I'll get blasted...but we all don't share the same thoughts
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