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DMB1995-07-27.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 27, 1995
World's Fair Park
Knoxville, TN

Source: AUD

analog > DAT: Nakamichi CR7 > Lucid A/D > Fostex D5
Mark Lynn

Conversion: Archive Python DDS/dat2wav > .wav; no soundcard
Soundforge for resampling & CDWAV used for tracking
Louie Rendek

Disc One:

01: Intro 00:19.43
02: Seek Up 14:27.10
03: Drive In Drive Out 06:58.14
04: Proudest Monkey -> 05:02.08
05: Satellite 05:20.16
06: Dancing Nancies -> 09:01.13
07: Lie In Our Graves 07:52.54
08: Tripping Billies 05:23.22
09: Say Goodbye 07:47.69
10: Rhyme And Reason 05:34.55

Total 67:49:04

Disc Two:

01: #41 04:45.48
02: Jimi Thing -> 11:37.70
03: Typical Situation 09:51.26
04: Angel From Montgomery -> 05:27.47
05: #36 -> 09:36.06
06: Ants Marching 07:39.24
07: Christmas Song 05:18.45
08: Recently 14:20.51
(some do, broadway, pretty girl,
take me to the river, ?, norwegian wood)

Total 68:39.17

* There was a tape flip during Roi's solo in LIOG. The tape
started on the next side with the beginning of LIOG. I was
able to splice the two together seamlessly, but you may
hear slight tonal differences (damn analog tape).
* There is a cut during crowd noise after LIOG, a fade out/in
was inserted and a "crowd noise" track was inserted.
* There is diginoise at 1:03 in #41 that was unrepairable.
Another spot of diginoise 3:19 in #41 was fixed since the
diginoise was only in the right channel. Audio over a 0.300
second span was cut and paste from the left channel to the right.
* There is diginoise at 8:26 and right after that in Jimi Thing
that I was unable to repair (i.e. present in both channels).
* There was a tape flip after Jimi Thing. The tape started on
the next side with the beginning of Typical and I was able
to splice them together seamlessly. Again, you may hear
slight tonal differences that are probably from the analog.
* There was a tape flip between #36 and Ants. Some audio may
be missing as the tape on the next side starts with Ants. I
did not fade out/in because that transition sounds best as is.
* There was diginoise at 1:35 and 2:35 into Ants. The diginoise
was only present in the right channel so audio from the left
channel (approximately 0.100 to 0.300 seconds) was cut and
paste to the right channel.
* The encore break was missing and a fade out/in was inserted.
* There was a cut between Xmas song and Recently during crowd
noise and a fade out/in was inserted.

* compiled by Louie Rendek on June 12, 2002.

This show was converted with the pitch up a half step. After confirming
this with a guitar (in tune, promise), I corrected the problem, retracked
the songs, and sent it back out. So much for Dr. Louis Rendek and his
reliable conversions. :)

FIXED by Henry Hart on 6.25.03

9567853abee269e1d0eefab052ab112b *dmb1995-07-27d1t01.shn
916d0ff26e4a1ef8118d8db9bbbedebb *dmb1995-07-27d1t02.shn
4ae80fb80411d334b00f7b6b9f6db4d5 *dmb1995-07-27d1t03.shn
b75b0303f267490368967da5bf58a39d *dmb1995-07-27d1t04.shn
42b262f29f057d76e50eb3b66592ee7b *dmb1995-07-27d1t05.shn
20b4f579c8ab74b4b3b5063f5d2fa371 *dmb1995-07-27d1t06.shn
09f2321290e26f90edf71c31e2330e13 *dmb1995-07-27d1t07.shn
cfaf27cc9059e8dad56c0bb0d68a72c6 *dmb1995-07-27d1t08.shn
3f824293baa9617c0ecfa95cd5ca5d1c *dmb1995-07-27d1t09.shn
43ad7271b9db98114b9f225d77a7e512 *dmb1995-07-27d1t10.shn
a515fd2a27230a8fc8a632fcc3650cee *dmb1995-07-27d2t01.shn
b0b36a0a60b90ce4d9cba0519b4b9a32 *dmb1995-07-27d2t02.shn
4f799d7030a1caf0f8306ee9544862c0 *dmb1995-07-27d2t03.shn
56a7294c585893706204d6bcd0392063 *dmb1995-07-27d2t04.shn
7ec8d76341d8dac185139413d283fad2 *dmb1995-07-27d2t05.shn
4c195b726b3a0cece59c8d7dfd625c00 *dmb1995-07-27d2t06.shn
7751698f8c956fb498ec78fb7f90a754 *dmb1995-07-27d2t07.shn
ab642d9567103ca3e8f3e949977d13f0 *dmb1995-07-27d2t08.shn

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