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Re: Warehouse Ordering Delays

Originally Posted by Prezzy View Post
Let's say some of their staff is in quarantine or something. Fine we get it. Send a vague update email apologizing for the delays, refund the cost of shipping as a show of appreciation for your patience. They've have a couple hundred dollars of stuff tied up on my credit card for months and no sign of it being shipped. Just wish there was some better communication.
That's what I hinted at in one email and then said in another...refund shipping and/or give a discount on future orders. I dropped 2 1/2 bills on items (w/ shipping) in three orders, two of which were supposed to be here two weeks ago for my wife's birthday yesterday. About this, musictoday cares about as much as I assume everyone else on these boards does...which is to say, well, you know...

It's shite customer service in every way.
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