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Backstage at Dallas!

Got the exciting opportunity to meet up with Henry (Carters drum tech) again yesterday at the Dallas show. To say it's a surreal experience is an understatement.

Dude is the absolute best and I am forever grateful to him for always making time despite how insanely busy he is now stage managing and taking care of Carter.

First thing was how the Virginia Beach show that got canceled nearly ruined the kit. Hardware is rusted, cymbals are tarnished. The kit is in pretty terrible shape right now, but he still has it sounding incredible.

We were talking hi hats and how he's looking for something a little less bright than the ones Carter currently uses. I made a recommendation and it seems he'll be making the switch during the break.

We talked a bit more about gear and the tour so far. Carters sticks with the yellow grip are now only available through the dmb store. I use those and haven't bought them since they're so much more expensive through them, so he hooked me up with 3 perfectly matched pair for Carter which was awesome. He also upgraded us to pit.

All in all it was a great time and again, so very thankful. Just thought I'd share!

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