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Re: The NHL Thread

Originally Posted by ~Crashintome89~ View Post
there's not a lot going on up there, that's for sure. McLellan irks me to no end, although I've heard he's a REALLY smart guy. His tenure in San Jose is nothing to write home about, IMO.

As for the blog, if you guys have an article you want to write I don't mind putting it up there. I know Tim has a blog, and sometimes he bangs one out. Tim, if you wanna come write with me you're more than welcomed.
I'm not ready to put him out to pasture yet though. I don't think all the problems in SJ were his fault (although as the coach the buck stops with him). I'm interested to see what he'll do with a different team.

If you ever want to do a feature on stay-at-home defensemen for the blog, you know where to find your guy.
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