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Dave Matthews
03/12/01 9:30am
"Breakfast with Dave Matthews"
Undisclosed venue, Atlanta, GA
broadcast on 99X FM, Atlanta, GA

FM -> IBM Thinkpad 600X using CD Wave sofware
Wav -> SHN using MKW
Taper: MattR.
Conversion: MattR.

01. The Space Between 06:26
02. interview 04:52
03. What You Are 04:17
04. more interview 06:28
05. Everyday 04:03
06. more interview 06:22
07. I Did It 04:07
Total: 36:35

Notes: Audience consisted of "99" contest winners only.

da46ecf4a50d3b943e6fb54b1a2442ff *dm2001-03-12t1.shn
4a43543b0c1918fea674f288e0a24731 *dm2001-03-12t2.shn
4e0ec13843324b187285277885c89ac1 *dm2001-03-12t3.shn
2c028a761792c80d1945dd2af3394596 *dm2001-03-12t4.shn
de313f6576fb5d66db9af407827b2116 *dm2001-03-12t5.shn
0416db378f3f0f5590683df99d561001 *dm2001-03-12t6.shn
570fcf7fbf052450beb7e64839ef06be *dm2001-03-12t7.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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