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Re: Boyd sitting in with DMTB?

Originally Posted by seanbrutus View Post
Idk man I donít disagree with you. Music is artistic expression, and while I donít think Iíd return to this song, I do think itís a pretty clear view into his headspace now. Besides, Iíve heard people make some bangers in GarageBand. Not saying this is one of them, but you can at least feel the intent with it. As with anything, your mileage may vary. I didnít consider it good, but itís not the extreme garbage other people were saying it is and joking about it.

To me itís a song from a man who has many demons to face still. I donít think Boyd was ever really a musician outside of DMB, and from the look at his compositional skills on this song, that still seems to be true. I hope he finds his peace.
I think the reactions have been so harsh because it is Boyd, and we're looking for DMB-like stuff from him and that's not going to happen.

I went back and listened to it again absent any expectation, it reminds me of a movie soundtrack. I think it's the video that adds the layer of "wtf" to it. I also get that sense of sadness from it and after reading through his Twitter feed and other social media he's promoting, I am getting the sense that he is very alone.

Btw, I wasn't shitting on Garageband, I love it!
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