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Re: *** Offical SPAC 2020 Thread ***

Originally Posted by Cscottrun View Post
Just booked an Airbnb. Hotel prices are absurd this time around.
We had a really nice AirBnB booked for more than we wanted, but still less than most of the hotels were charging for the same period. We realized, however, that we had some Marriott reward nights AND got another for the New Year, so we lucked into three "free" nights for the weekend.

Regardless, the real difficulty is getting some damned pavilion tix. Lucked into WH pits for N2 last year, but we have ZERO expectations of getting SPAC pits again...let alone from the WH. As some are lucky enough to know/experience, it's quite awesome.

Anyway, looking forward to enjoying the town, doing some more hiking, having a coupla nice picnics, and seeing a pair of fun shows.
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