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Re: *** Official Oklahoma 2020: COME SEE FOR YOURSELF!***

This whole thing has thrown me for a loop. As an Okie and a huge DMB fan the thought of a two night stand in my state initially had me all jazzed. But as I've looked deeper, it might just make more sense to find another show or two this year. I've gone to Denver the past two years and my wife and I loved it. If they were doing that again, it would actually be FAR cheaper for us to do those two shows even with airfare, etc. then it will be to do the two OK shows. And for me, the biggest issue is that Durant is almost a 3 hour drive from OKC, so it's not really a down and back type of deal. Then, once you are in Durant, you are absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The casino is a passable way to kill a few hours for sure, but it's not exactly the greatest location to try and make a weekend out of it. Looking closely, it's basically like deciding to take your vacation budget and use a nice chunk of it..... in Durant. Eh, not so sure about this.
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