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Re: From "DMB who?" to sitting next to Dave in a club booth @ TR3 in FIVE SHOWS

Originally Posted by GraceBuckley View Post
Thanks, I appreciate you saying that. Honestly it's one of the reasons I enjoy risking all of your eyesight with these impossibly long posts, because I know how hard these more personal, sweet views/memories can be to come by, especially after a year of no touring.

And even though no one's asked (probably out of politeness), there's obviously a reason (or a few reasons) I'm not friends with them anymore. Mostly the passing of time, but other reasons too. And yet I can look back at these times and be clear that then, and I'm sure now as well, there are so many beautiful humans and moments and actions and situations in the DMB camp... that yield such amazing music, shows, and stories to tell. So I tell these stories with great joy and don't mind at all that I am not in and out of that inner circle anymore. Not being connected anymore doesn't dim my joy with the times I had or make me want to spill a bunch of stuff that is a) private and b) maybe a little less bright and shiny.

So I appreciate what you say and I share with a smile and a gleam in my eye. And wishing everyone the best, here on Ants and in the band and their world.
Strange how you can be so close that you'd meet the moms, but then fall out just a short time later.. I'm in the same boat. What I wouldn't give to go hang out with their families back stage during a show again. Talk about politics and golf, love of sailing etc... I miss it.
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