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Re: **Official NC "Two Step" 2020 Thread**

Originally Posted by anklebunker View Post
What kind of fun family stuff is there to do in Raleigh? Thinking of planning a 5-day family trip around the Raleigh / Va. Beach pair of shows. If there's enough fun stuff in Raleigh we could spend Thu & Fri in Raleigh, then Sat/Sun/Mon in Va. Beach. If the beach wins out in terms of family stuff, we could fly into Raleigh on Fri, then spend Sat-Tue in Va. Beach. The kids' ages are 4-6. Any help would be appreciated!
The state museums are free. We have a history museum and science museum right next to each other downtown. Dinosaurs, snakes, bugs, etc... The NC Museum of Art is also free and has lots of walking trails and outdoor sculptures.

Pullen Park has a carousel and train and is one of the oldest continuously running amusement parks in the world.

Raleigh also has one of the top 10 flea markets in the country with over 1,000 vendors and runs every weekend at the Fairgrounds except during the State Fair in October.

We have four state parks in our metropolitan area if you include Durham and Chatham counties. Jordan Lake State Park has a 14,000 acre reservoir and is home to the largest concentration of bald eagles on the east coast. You can take a captained pontoon boat tour with Jordan Lake Tours.

There are also tons of horse farms offering trail rides. Dead Broke Horse Farm offers trail rides on real horses (not ponies) (children under 6 ride with a parent on a draft horse).

The Durham Bulls (AAA) and the Mudcats (single A) have home games that weekend.
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