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Re: **Official NC "Two Step" 2020 Thread**

Originally Posted by anklebunker View Post
What kind of fun family stuff is there to do in Raleigh? Thinking of planning a 5-day family trip around the Raleigh / Va. Beach pair of shows. If there's enough fun stuff in Raleigh we could spend Thu & Fri in Raleigh, then Sat/Sun/Mon in Va. Beach. If the beach wins out in terms of family stuff, we could fly into Raleigh on Fri, then spend Sat-Tue in Va. Beach. The kids' ages are 4-6. Any help would be appreciated!
Can't speak to Raleigh, but VA Beach itself is good for families. Sand & ocean, you'll definitely see some dolphins and pelicans. The VA Aquarium is down the road and quite nice. They've got dolphin cruises, pirate, cruises, and other such things. We eat at Beach Bully BBQ at least once every time we go. Good food, big serving sizes, great prices.

Our boys are now 9 (10 in July) and 15 (16 in April), but we've been taking them to VA Beach since they were babies. If the weather is nice, remember to use plenty of sun screen.
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