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Re: The NBA Thread

^ that piece just came across my feed

I’m fine with letting Budenholzer go as long as his replacement is an up and comer. Had I known who Daigneault and Finch were at the beginning of the year, they’re clearly a much more interesting look as your next dynasty coach even without being unproven. The one “proven loser” I’d bring back as any NBA team would be Joerger and his no nonsense/running style

I think Budenholzer has been given a fair shot to “fix” his issues this year. His problem is that what makes him a good NBA coach is his rigid system, which turns average teams into 60-win teams. But yeah, adjustments are in issue. That said the coaches to take him down recently are Spoelstra and Nurse, the top 2 coaches in the NBA. i do like the little flashes of creativity from Milwaukee this year

Stotts, obvious firing there. 9 years and they need a new voice. and he’s topped it all off with one of the worst defenses the league has ever seen this year AFTER getting Covington and Jones

Bjorkgren, I think he shouldn’t be fired but he’s clearly not shown anything interesting other than being a Nurse philosophical carbon copy, and by all accounts without Nurse’s leadership and chemistry with his team. that said he’s missing his starting SF and he’s stuck with a “franchise player” that everyone/ownership thinks is good but isn’t

Brooks and Walton obviously the worst two coaches in the league next to Bickerstaff, so some lazy writing there by Sharania/Amick
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