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Re: Why You Can't Bring Boyd Back...

Originally Posted by 6ixtynin9 View Post
hey zellea21, what are ur thoughts on bringing back Butch Taylor?
Maybe you can molotov cocktail another [board] sincere discussion (without ever contributing) again ya triflin' pyro?
Sigh..I love people who love throwing here just because im not commenting.. does not mean I am not paying attention.. I guess they are right silnece drives people crazy..

I met Butch back at the old Giants stadium when working for Live nation helping witht he live earth concert...

Butch and Buddy two different type of players.. Butch left because road life was too much for him and his family he needed a break...

Like Buddy a lot more...

To chime in a little more about Boyd... I can not help but think his departure had more to do then his leagl situation.. I think it is a mix of other things.. i wish him well.. but DMB does not want the PR hit ... I think he will hit the satge at the HOF when it happens but that will be it
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