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Re: Why You Can't Bring Boyd Back...

I think people overestimate the extent to which the lawsuit against Boyd was a mainstream story. Compared to 99% of the #metoo accusations this story got literally no traction whatsoever. There are still people attending DMB shows regularly who have no idea what happened to Boyd or who think Boyd is now playing the keys. If Boyd was brought back, there wouldn't be any major PR shitstorm since DMB isn't a mainstream act anymore and Boyd's accusations were relatively tame compared to those that have been levied at others (e.g. Marilyn Manson, Ryan Adams, etc.)

Most causal fans would be ecstatic for Boyd to come back and don't give a shit that some dude accused Boyd of being a creep. Hell, most of DMB's most passionate fans would still attend DMB shows even if Dave got a bunch of serious #metoo accusations hurled at him. If Boyd gets his shit together, eventually Cap$haw is going to play the "DMB set to tour for first time in 10 years with founding member Boyd Tinsley on violin!" card to move some tickets and generate some buzz for a tour. It won't happen anytime soon but you'd be a fool to think Boyd will never be on stage with DMB again.
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