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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE **

Originally Posted by harryhoudini View Post
Logistical question: wouldn't there be a gargantuan cost to secure a place outside of the White House for the president to operate day to day? Basically he has Airforce 1, the White House and the associated highly secure meeting rooms, and thats about it? I know the president is traveling a lot, but my understanding is they always go back to Airforce 1 if they need to do any official type business.

Again, no expert, but I feel like to replicate the security of the White House from a technical perspective (much less being in person with the people you work with and the secret service cost) would just be crazy.

And I'm using the word cost in both dollars, but all time/risk/etc.
Yes, it would be a cost on the taxpayer likely greater than the $400,000 he is not taking in salary every year.

And yes it would be a cost in the other sense of the word as well.
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