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DMB1998-08-26.km184/matrix.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Coral Sky Amphitheater
West Palm Beach, FL
August 26, 1998

Two source matrix

Source 1: Neumann KM184 cardioids > Audio Magic Sceptor II XLR >
Pro-Co -10dB pads > Tascam DA-P1 w/ Oade mod
Location: NOS 13' high, center of lawn

Source 2: Unknown. Sounds very FOB. Received through mail on 2 cds.. TAO-> forced DAO


01: Intro
02: PNP/Rapunzel
03: Lie In Our Graves
04: Warehouse*^
05: Stay*^
06: #41*^
07: Jimi Thing*&
08: Two Step
09: Don't Drink The Water
10: Crush
11: Say Goodbye (w/ Carter Intro)
12: Crash Into Me
13: Tripping Billies
14: Stefan Intro
15: All Along The Watchtower


* - w/ Bill Summers on percussion
^ - w/ Herbie Hancock on keys
& - w/ Bennie Maupin on saxophone

I received the cds of the unknown source in 1999. I finally decided to make a mix of these two sources.
The Neumann cardioids have a nice, punchy low-end, while the unknown source sounds FOB, and somewhat close to the stage. The unknown source has very little bass, but clear highs, so the combination of the two made a nice mix.
I had to cut/patch a few times, but it shouldn't be too noticeable. The unknown source had quite a bit of crowd noise cut out to make it fit onto two discs.

There is a lot of crowd noise and chatter, but I still like the way it turned out. Nice night at the beach.

dmb1998-08-26 t01.flac:c2caf5852ba8eab878c24977ed210cba
dmb1998-08-26 t02.flac:1b1e6795764a81f93ef390e7e2f15c69
dmb1998-08-26 t03.flac:7bd958d366c2714ca398def1697562ce
dmb1998-08-26 t04.flac:bba613658e042ae1b99c705f6a0b6db6
dmb1998-08-26 t05.flac:d458330eca0d38afbe3716a3e1914e05
dmb1998-08-26 t06.flac:733c1a286d1a6176ade856a8c67f85a0
dmb1998-08-26 t07.flac:2c944f924cba088fb611de904b70a97f
dmb1998-08-26 t08.flac:9525ab84e18cb3b80c5b1e178e8272b4
dmb1998-08-26 t09.flac:c0187b088c27305681b3a7933ebe0b19
dmb1998-08-26 t10.flac:5b3a4f2a7930dc7360a1528745c99f81
dmb1998-08-26 t11.flac:715677071426877c1b3ad179f223947d
dmb1998-08-26 t12.flac:d0729d4db01c37d8521a73ba50b9d317
dmb1998-08-26 t13.flac:b5be80b69b38c81e35a704f0bff745af
dmb1998-08-26 t14.flac:b0ec6efb3f0cdf2ab8dc2bf63d3a04e0
dmb1998-08-26 t15.flac:15c156ae64eeb85e735fd244e87fe519

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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