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Re: The Pod That Jane Likes - New Podcast!

Love the pod one thing I will say being at Alpine and SPAC these were a few of my observations being in the upper pavilion for 3 of the shows and balcony for 1.

SPAC at it's highest was louder than alpine especially during everyday, the warehouse woo's and too much fake into halloween. SPAC N1 was the best overall show of the 4 shows across these venues. SPAC N2 Encore was the best encore across these 4 venues. SPAC had the worse run of songs (N2 Can't Stop to Bayou) And the least amount of power play deep cuts (shocking there was no #40/raven/stone which are typically played there as well as no dreaming tree, shotgun, pig)

Alpine had the better tailgate, obviously the better lawn and the better overall people. Alpine did have one of the worse parking lot exits but then again there were more people and the venue is in the middle of nowhere. Alpine when you tally up all the deep cuts had more of them than SPAC. Alpine had the worse opener of the 4 nights with TGIY.

I had been to SPAC a few other times and was at Alpine for the first time and appreciate both of these venues.
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