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Re: Why You Can't Bring Boyd Back...

Originally Posted by scottpr View Post
Plus, it's another reason you don't even replace with another violinist. Any one they would have hired would be compared to Boyd, for better or worse. That then would also bring up the history of that situation. The more space you can get away from that, the better.
Originally Posted by Cscottrun View Post
Ehh, you would know, obviously, but after some time, I think you can get away from that. It's no secret how important the violin is to this band. They would not be the first successful band to replace a member accused of something with a subsequent member that plays the same instrument. To think that they would rather just forego the instrument and sound all together because they are trying to distance themselves from someone who has already been removed from the band is a bit of overkill if you ask me.
The way anything gets covered in the press, it absolutely would bring Boyd back into the conversation. It was mainstream for a hot second, and then everyone moved on. But it's the type of thing that would become an awkward blurb in the conversation thanks to outlets like TMZ and CNN's constant need to break up actually covering the news-worthy events of the world with non-news distractions. Nobody ever brings up settled out of court or an 180 turn in those situations. They don't care about the retraction or resolution, just that there was friction.

Anytime you read a Prince article now they feel obligated to point out that he died of an overdose. While true technically, the aside that it gets treated as makes it seem that he had a serious drug problem instead of being given a bottle of medication that was not what was on the label. The way it is treated is always like, "Prince was an addict that OD'd" instead of "Prince died of a doctor-prescribed drug for chronic joint pain due to years of performance related injuries that seems to have been unknowingly switched." Both are right, but the one that's more right doesn't allow you to move on with the conversation without clarifying.

I can see the Rolling Stone blurb now...
"After several years without, Dave Matthews Band has a new violinist. Blah Blah yadda yadda brings back sh-boom sh-boom to the higgidy figgidy etc... Blah Blah fills the void left by the group's original violinist, Boyd Tinsley, who left the band in 2018 due to mounting allegations of rape and drug use."

(Sadly, that says about as much as Rolling Stone would in reality.)

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