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Re: Why You Can't Bring Boyd Back...

Originally Posted by zellea21 View Post
So I have been having this debate for a while on if you really can bring Boyd back in to the fold assuming everybody got back on the same page..

The simple facr for me is every time I see or hear him I sort of reminded about his situation...yes he seattled out of court....and you never say never but I dont know...

Im hoping to have a civil conversation here on this...
Who were you debating with? Do non Dmb fans know about it? What are their thoughts? Is it really a #metoo issue? Or do you think the band wanted boyd out of the band so bad they paid this guy to accuse him of this knowing it wouldn't go anywhere, but no one would argue because Boyd is so weird. #socksarestinky and the band was tired of losing all their socks and blaming their maids for stealing them.

Carter wakes up and calls Dave and says "Yo Dave, did you steal my sock again? i only have 3 left and none of them match"

And Dave goes " Yo Carter. Weird. I have your socks here but they are all soiled and mine are gone"

Stefan knocks on Jeff Coffins door with a handful of mismatched socks. Jeff opens it barefoot and asks Stefan why he stole eveyone's socks again..

Stefan has to defend himself and Jeff doesn't believe him...

This caused a lot of in fighting until Boyd fessed up. At which point the band decided to come up a scheme to get him out of the way so everyone could keep their socks.

If you notice the band is much happier now because they don't have to buy new socks every day or play in shoes with no socks because that sucks and makes your shoes stink really quickly.

I think it's for the best Boyd stay away.
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