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The Gorge

My wife and I came back home the day before yesterday, we went to WA to see Dave, and went to California for vacation, (missed dave in CA though, couldn't afford tickets) and we were blown away by the show for Night 3, and the people there were fucking phenomenal people. I've never seen so much love at a show before.

I loved the concept of 2 sets, and I thought the show was on point from start to finish. I even liked what I saw of Brandi-what's-her-face, which I hated last year in Mansfield. I was worried because I didn't see a taper there, but obviously there was, so thanks for that!

I wanted to hear so many songs, and heard almost all of them. We got home and I looked at N1 and N2 and saw all the songs I wanted to hear between the three, so missed out there, but oh well.

Yeah, seriously, those of you at The Gorge, you fuckin' rule. Made my vacation, easily.

Much love.

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