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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE ** (NO Personal Attacks; NO Trolling)

Originally Posted by Tiduwho View Post
Recently watched the Ken Burns Civil War documentary so a lot of this is fresh on my mind. Could come up with quote after quote after quote similar to this. Racism and the inherent inferiority of the *n-word* was at the absolute forefront of the Confederacy and 1800s politics in general.

Lol at the South's whitewashing of their past. The Daughters of the Confederacy did so much damage and warping of what happened, deifying many horrible horrible men and loons.

Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest being at the top of the list. At least Forrest was an actual tactical genius. Jackson was a loon.

(Ya but WHATABOUT Sherman?? We werent making a comparison. We were talking about the modern day south trying to distort their past)
Started watching this the other day as well. There was a quote by Lincoln that was kind of resonant, Iím paraphrasing but basically he was lamenting about how all men are created equal except blacks, next itíll be all men created equal except blacks, foreigners and Catholics. He said when it gets to that he would rather emigrate to a despot like Russia where at least they live under division without the hypocrisy.

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